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​​​​TutorMeNothelps parents enhance their children academic and social skills in their early years to help with their school readiness and preparation for the primary school assessments. We have developed a structured approached for parents on how to work with their children to help them flourish academically long-term as well as be prepared for the primary school assessment process. The process works with great success as many parents have effectively applied this approach including our own children.

TutorMeNotoffers the following services:

  • 4+ Assessment Preparation Workshops informing parents on various relevant topics such as how to work with their child and what topics to cover.

  • Private consultations for parents and other care givers explaining the 4+ Assessment process and offering custom tailored advice depending on child's characteristics such as DOB and character.                                                                            
  • One-off or regular informal pre-assessments for children to identify developmental areas parents need to focus on in those early pre-school years to help their school readiness and primary school assessment preparedness.                     

What parents say about our services:

"The seminar of 4+ assessment was great! Very informative, detailed, honest and to the point. I liked the fact that it was emphasized that all activities you do with your kids are for their own development and not just for the sake of the 4+ assessment. I will certainly make the most of the suggestions". Francesca, mother of 2 year old 

"Thank you for all the practical advice. This was undoubtedly one of the best sessions I have attended on any topic and I really appreciated your candor!" Eleni, mother of 3.5 year old

"The private sessions were really valuable. Our boy kept asking to come again for another 'playdate'. She promptly identified that we needed to focus on cutting and pencil control and suggested how to work on these areas with our inpatient 3 year old son". Sonal, mother of 3 year old

"Thank you for all the useful information you shared. Your advice has been most valuable already as you have helped clarify how to deal with certain things in preparation of my daughter." Maria, mother of 4 year old  

"Many thanks again for the great workshop you gave last Thursday evening!  It was enjoyable and really provided some tangible info that will help my wife and I with preparing our daughter." Arne, father of 2 year old


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